Images 1-3: The Dissolution of Percy promotional shoot, May 2015

© GVisions Media 2015

Images 4-39: The Dissolution of Percy shared reading, January 2015

© George Hill Photography 2015

Images 40-57: The Dissolution of Percy dress rehearsal, November 2015

Images 58-74: Shirley at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh, Cumbria, September 2017

© Joseph Colgan Photography 2017

Images 75-90: Theft of a Girl at Lyme Park, National Trust, September 2017

© Jason Lock Photography 2017

Images 91-122: On Me at the Seven Oaks, Greater Manchester Fringe, July 2022

© Shay Rowan 2022


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2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. […] After the fantastic response to our sharing of The Dissolution of Percy in January 2015, Dangerous To Know is beginning our first major challenge as a theatre company. With the help and support of numerous organizations throughout the North West, Percy is being revised and developed in preparation for production in its fully-fledged form this Autumn. If you missed it the first time around, take a look at the images in our Gallery! […]


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