The Paperwork

No one likes forms. Whatever your profession or aspiration, filling in forms to get where you wish to be can often prove to be the first stumbling block. How can you sell your product within a word count? How can you quantify your venture’s quality using only tick-boxes? If you’re relying on the outcome of this application to ensure that you can move forward in any way, how can you give a time-frame, confirm participants or predict an income? But there have to be parameters applied if the potential of your project is to be judged.

What I’m trying to say right now is that Dangerous To Know’s Grants For The Arts bid is currently sitting in my online account, waiting to go. All I’m waiting for is a few pieces of supporting material to attach, and off it goes. It’s been critiqued once, and it’s due to go back under the microscope a second time. All costs and details have been researched. It’s looking pretty good. After it goes, there’ll be an agonizing wait of three weeks or more. There’s always the likelihood that it’ll be turned down. BUT it’s in great shape, and that’s the best we can say for it for now.

Wish us luck!

The Paperwork

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