Setting Off


It’s almost time to go!

We’ll be heading out to get into Broughton-in-Furness, the site of the first reading, at 2pm this afternoon. We’ll set out by car, but from Broughton it’ll be on foot for 130 miles! We’ll be wearing these bright and beautiful t-shirts designed by Sue Richardson, so keep an eye out and you may just spot us!

The weather’s not great, but what would Cumbria be without a little drizzle?


Things get even more exciting tomorrow morning, as from 11am, Caroline will be chatting about our project with Simon Yaxley of Lakeland Radio, before heading to the reading in Kendal Library. You can listen in HERE!

Wish us luck!

For more information on our venture and to donate or watch a trailer for THE DISSOLUTION OF PERCY, please click the following link:


Take a look below for details and venues of Caroline’s tour.

Current Venue List for Caroline’s Readings Tour:

The Black Cock Inn, Broughton-in-Furness – Saturday 20th June – 14:00pm

Kendal Library, Kendal – Sunday 21st June – 12:00pm

Cowan Bridge Village Hall, Cowan Bridge – Sunday 21st June – 19:00pm

Halifax Central Library, Halifax – Tuesday 23rd June – 17:30pm

The Cardigan Centre, Leeds – Wednesday 24th June – 20:00pm

The New Inn, Thornton – Thursday 25th June – 20:00pm

Cobbles and Clay, Haworth – Friday 26th June – 18:00pm

Sowerby Bridge Library, Sowerby Bridge – Saturday 27th June – 14:00pm

The Kings Arms Theatre, Salford – Wednesday 8th July – 7:30pm

Follow the company on Twitter (@DTKManc) and use the hashtag #nocowardsoulismine to tweet about this adventure!

Setting Off

4 thoughts on “Setting Off

  1. Janet Pogson says:

    Hello Caroline
    I met you today at Kendal library and was impressed with your enthusiasm , particularly after 26 miles walk. Next book on my list will be a Bronte!
    As a keen historian…of any period I was interested in the letter you read from Branwell mentioning The Royal in Kendal.
    There is a Royal Hotel in Burton in Kendal which is late 18th century. It is grade 2 listed and has been closed for many years. There are many listed buildings of a similar age in the village and this seems to fit with his recollections as it was on the main coaching route.
    Hope to catch up with you at your Salford performance. Good luck on your walk.
    Best wishes
    Janet Pogson


    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your comment. Apologies for getting back to you so late! Yes, the Burton in Kendal “Royal” seems a likely contender to me too. Biographer Juliet Barker refers to the Royal in Kirkby Lonsdale however, and argues that Branwell may have been so drunk that he confused Kendal with Kirkby, as there is a Royal Hotel there, and was at the time. I personally don’t know if that’s likely, as not only is it rare for someone to become so inebriated that they don’t know which town they are in, but also, Branwell was known to have an excellent – perhaps almost photographic – memory, at least from virtually contemporary accounts that describe occasions when he would convince native Londoners that he was also from London, despite having never been there, by simply memorizing information from maps. Branwell took pride in knowing these things. Another theory of mine is that he may have mixed up the name of the inn, but not the town. Either that, or the shortening of Burton in Kendal to Kendal (this may even be a trancribing error – I’d have to look at the original letter!) seem more likely to me than a man, about to start a brand new job the next day, getting so drunk that he didn’t know where he was!

      Sorry for the long reply, but as you can see, the subject fascinates me.

      Thank you again for your support. I hope you do come along to the production. It would be great to see you there. Please do spread the word!



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