We’re Back with Daring New Work: On Me

After an impressively long hiatus, we are BACK with a challenging new project. This July, we plan to present On Me at the Greater Manchester Fringe.

This is a vital new play tackling the issue of gender-based violence from a fresh and striking perspective – taking place on a true crime film set!

In order to stage this work, we need your help. GBV will not go away on its own, and we hope On Me will prompt real action and change. To achieve this, we need to pay our cast and creative team. It’s something we strongly believe in.

To support our Arts Council England funding bid, we must independently raise £1,200 by 18/05/2022. For this purpose, we have just launched a Kickstarter. Find it right here.

It offers some great rewards, from a personalised poem to a free place at a writing workshop – where you can create your own creative campaign for societal change – to a one-to-one creative consultation! If you can, and ONLY if you can, please pledge to support this unique and urgent work.

The issue of gender-based violence continues to be a major societal concern. With constant evidence of its urgency visible not only in the media but also in the lived experiences of virtually every woman, On Me has never been more relevant.

We believe On Me will further the conversation surrounding gender-based violence in a way that provokes real action and encourages changes in behaviour and outlook within audiences. We need to raise our target of at least £1200 within the next 60 days in order to produce this work and pay its cast and creative team fairly. 

The piece will be shown at the Seven Oaks on Nicholas Street in Central Manchester from 27th July to 30th July with a BSL interpreted performance on 28th July. Check out the Greater Manchester Fringe website for booking updates!

We’re Back with Daring New Work: On Me

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