Haworth is where the heart is!

Of course, with all this running around the North, there was no way we’d miss out the familiar Brontë staple – their lifelong home, Haworth!

Our friends at Ponden Hall, an old haunt of the Brontës, reputedly the model for numerous elements of Emily’s Wuthering Heights and many other works by the family, are hosting us for not one but TWO fantastic events.


The first is our Brontë Readings, taking place on 24th September at 6pm to mark the 167th anniversary of the death of the only male Brontë sibling, Branwell. Hear excerpts of beautiful poetry and vivid storytelling interspersed with discussion about the famous family’s lives, enjoy some truly excellent food (We’ve sampled it. It’s gorgeous.) and experience a tour around the ancient house where you might learn some of its many secrets!

Halloween poster

We’re back at Ponden on Halloween night at 7pm for an evening of some of the more spine-tingling excerpts from the Brontë canon. You can enjoy a sumptuous Halloween feast, hear creepy stories from Ponden’s long history, take a tour (see THAT box-bed and window) then sit around the crackling fire to share your own eerie tales. You are welcome to bring your own wine!

Booking in advance is vital. Call 01535 648608 or email talks@ponden.force9.co.uk for further details and to book for either or both of the events.

Haworth is where the heart is!

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