More exciting news on the way!

First, an apology.

Artistic Director Caroline was just returning from a lovely holiday and fully intended to give the low-down on our fab event at Wardle & Jones bookshop in Scarborough when disaster struck. Her trusty communicator/recording device/life-source, made by a company christened after a fruit that will remain nameless, broke. For the third time. So no lovely pictures or Palme d’Or winning videos quite yet, but they are soon to come. Watch this space. Suffice for now to say that the event went very well, and numerous people left newly intrigued about the life of Anne Brontë, and determined to read her work. The shop itself is a gorgeous, cozy little place on Bar Street that sells brownies so delicious they bring a tear to the eye. Highly recommended. Again, further details to come when we can do them justice with still and moving visuals!

HOWEVER, we have some BIG news about our new production coming up this November that we are bursting to tell you! Keep your eyes peeled and get booking for our productions in Manchester and Haworth as soon as you can!

Pillar Photo Cropped Pillar portrait

More exciting news on the way!

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